A cold blooded campaign.

SBS acquired the rights in Australia to screen the new FX series Fargo. Inspired by the ‘96 cult film of the same name, the communication needed to match the same hype and scale created by the original film.
One of the most distinctive characters of the original film was it’s bleak, frozen landscape. We leveraged this memorable aspect to build excitement for the TV series, by creating a chilling atmosphere fit only for the coldest of murder series.

We used blood containing the DNA of Fargo, North Dakotan resident Kellen Timboe and froze it to –38F to create our messaging.

The inside of the JCDecaux panel was also frozen. We carved the interiors using ice picks, chainsaws, blowtorches, heated knives and hammers to create the coldest and bloodiest of campaigns.

North Dakotan resident Kellen Timboe.