Keep the ball alive.

As I'm sure you're aware, Australia is a football crazy nation. Problem is it has every code of football known to man being played here. When it comes to the game of Rugby, Australia had a relatively small following. People that had watched the game were left confused and weren't really sure what exactly was going on.
This campaign was designed to educate Australians on the different nuances that you find in the game during the lead up to the Rugby world cup.


Support films.

Rupini reprise.
This spot ran directly after the world cup ended.

Outdoor / Digital / Transit / Mobile / Retail.
In these following outdoor and digital executions FOT's discovered that each icon represented a different element of rugby.
These gaming bill posters encouraged people to register for the KTBA sms game. A new icon was released each week with a different code on billposters and bus/tram interiors. Gamers text'd the code to download icons and unlock new sections of the website. While there, you would get a better understanding of what each icon stood for. You'd also unlock lots of free nike stuff along the way.

Bill posters.










                 Instore / retail posters.